Amazon Kindle Review and Price Comparisons

The Amazon Kindle appeared to break into the scene a few years ago with little fanfare, however, e-readers are fast becoming the must-have in the world of electronics and cool technology devices. The Kindle is for books what the MP3 player is for music. The Kindle was the chief of its type to be taken truly. E-readers take all the best things of books and computers, merge them and so to speak, you get a portable book reader called Kindle. Lots of true and tried book lovers said that they made the old-fashioned technique of reading books; altogether, how can you replace the beloved book with a minor electronic device?

Barnes and Noble have their own version known as the Nook. The Nook is the next competitor to the Kindle and they are alike in their features. The price tags for both are really competitive. Though, there are several differences that can make one a better option for you.

Kindle vs. Nook Speed and Battery Life

The Kindle appears to have a little advantage over the Nook in both areas. A few even seem to be discouraged with the slow loading speed of the Nook. The touchscreen function of the Nook for the page change can be a little nervous. Amazon buries Barnes and Noble with its 30-day battery life compared to the 10 days of Nook.

Kindle vs. Nook Price and Content

They seem to be comparable in price to each other, both have reduced their prices to around $ 140 for the basic models. In terms of content, Amazon provides more than one selection, but with the libraries of cities and counties moving into the electronic age, and Nook’s ability to download content from them, it could be a debatable point. Read more.

Features of Kindle vs. Nook

The Nook has a touch screen feature to turn the page and navigate the device; Kindle still depends on the buttons. The Amazon Kindle can access the Internet worldwide, while the Nook can only be used in the United States.

Kindle Speed and Battery Life

The speed seems to be a handy match to the Kindle. But the Kindle still outperforms Sony with its 30-day battery. The best that Sony may manage is 22 days.

Kindle Price and Content

The Sony 950 is priced a bit higher than the Kindle at about $ 240, but you have to see some of the features to know that there is a way for the higher price. So far, Sony is limited only to Sony’s library, which has fewer titles to select from than Amazon. Content prices in the Sony store may be more expensive than Amazon.


The Sony has a superior screen for a full inch, and still succeeds to be lighter in weight. You can change the views in Sony. When you do not like the slim and tall portrait view, you can choose landscape, viewing two pages at a time. The Sony reader is just available for the United States at this time. Once it comes to buying an e-book reader, it all comes down to the features you need, and it appears that for the price you pay for the Kindle, it’s the best deal out there.

Quite simply seemingly, since the Amazon Kindle is converting even the most resistant bookworms into an e-reader. Books lovers are beginning to reluctantly admit that perhaps this electronic reader thing is not a bad idea. Imagine being capable of taking your take your entire library with you on vacation and not need an additional suitcase. You could read a various book every day lying on the beach at the touch of a button. You might even see those replacing textbooks in the schools quickly. Check out this: